Application Development

Application Development

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Innovative user experience

Combining different applications can have a very powerful effect. It allows you top provide more intelligent solutions and content without adding more grief in administration. We have mixed and mergrd apps together to produce watchable music videos from youtube using valid data from live fm's own database. We've been able to run image results concurrently with google maps. We love doing application development, so please ask us.

We seek to merge old wolrd industry practices into a pioneering technological age. With a passion for design and development, The Old County is built on the principles of innovative but practical functionality.


Budget and content requirements can be overcome by mixing different api's together. We focus on the goal of what information is desired by the user and prototype a workable solution to make the interface ubiqutious.

User centric design
Our expert javascript developers can build elaborate custom interfaces. 
How do we do this?
We are dedicated in establishing a highly innovative and creative brand for your project.
With visual meaning
We use HD broadcast equipment to create films, music videos and commercials.
Film Analysis
We take every opportunity to enhance your site with visual mediums.
We strive to inject the latest web technologies into your project.
Support not dominate
We also cater for social network integration.
Mixed content
Your brand awareness can be enhanced with the use of Rich Media.