Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

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Film Analysis

We take every opportunity to enhance your site with visual mediums. We focus on video production and integration into your website. Trained in film analysis, script writing and narrative structure as we aim to deliver your message as the medium.


We revise your initial brief and convert it into a coherent storyboard.

We take into consideration, your budget and time allowance for the video(s). In pre-production prepare your script and arrange the models and actors for the shoot.


During production, we ensure we have everyone ready, taking into consideration realistic delays for breaks, lunch and travel.


In post-production, we edit the shots using the script and storyboard as a guide. We use after effects to integrate motion graphics. For lower budget projects we may just turn to voice over narration and typography motion graphics. Although we are in contact with a wide collection of models, actors and musicians and may be able to turn in the favour for a small fee.

Innovative user experience
Combining different applications can have a very powerful effect.
User centric design
Our expert javascript developers can build elaborate custom interfaces. 
How do we do this?
We are dedicated in establishing a highly innovative and creative brand for your project.
With visual meaning
We use HD broadcast equipment to create films, music videos and commercials.
We strive to inject the latest web technologies into your project.
Support not dominate
We also cater for social network integration.
Mixed content
Your brand awareness can be enhanced with the use of Rich Media.